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Immerse Hosting Web Hosting accounts are Linux-based shared hosting accounts managed through with a GUI Layer DirectAdmin. Each account you create is bound by the following limitations.

Technical Limitations

These limits are listed in our documentation for transparency smaller websites will rarely encounter these hard limits, these apply to all our web hosting packages.

  • Inodes limited to 200,000
  • vCPU limited to 25% single core
  • Physical Memory limited to 256MB
  • IO limited to 1024KB/s
  • IOPS limited to 1024 read/write operations per second
  • Total processes are limited to 100
  • Entry Processes are limited to 20

Regional Availability

Currently web hosting services are available in US Central/East (Atlanta).


Users are provided with a GUI called DirectAdmin to manage your account, additionally they can manage your account directly from our members area.

DirectAdmin have provided comprehensive documentation on how to use the features from within DirectAdmin you can find them at the following site DirectAdmin Site-Helper

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